Meet Actress & Pop Star Abby 

Abby is exclusively represented by Global Film Actors Agency.

Abby is a Romanian singer and actress. She started her artistic career a few years ago and became a successful pop artist.

With her musical career on the right track, she is now getting ready for her acting debut. Abby says that she adores music, but being cast in a movie is something she always dreamed of. 

She has on-camera experience from shooting her two professional music videos and from appearing and performing live on many popular TV talk-shows.

Abby knew since she was a little girl that making music and acting in films were the dreams she had to pursue because they are both part of her being.

Six years ago Abby met film director Bruno Pischiutta and she gained his full respect and admiration; she attended his International Film Workshops and she graduated in acting. 

She put her dreams on hold for college. As soon as she graduated in business and political science, she went back to studying singing.

Her first single, “Drama”, was licensed in +30 countries and just recently, she released her second single, “Shadows”, that is on its way to becoming a Summer 2019 hit.

Recently, Abby has been cast to play in a very important role, specifically written for her, in the feature film “The Bad Joke”. When completed, this film will be qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards®.

Here are ABBY’s music videos for her singles “Shadows” and “Drama”:

Abby has been featured in the 2019 issue of the magazine DARIA!:

Abby's Page on this Network is: HERE

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Kristna Saikia from India, lives and works in Hollywood 

Kristna Saikia plays the role of the Mystic Queen in the Indian film entitled KAMASUTRA 3D that is a 2014 Oscar contender in three categories.

What is the most important film project that you are working on right now? 

“I play the leading roles (I portray the same character in two different lifetimes) in the upcoming feature film entitled Tantrica (The Dark Shades of Kamasutra). We’ve been shooting in many exotic locations throughout Australia and Indonesia. The trailer of the film has already been viewed millions of times across the globe and the film will be released worldwide.” – Kristna Saikia

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