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Meet Actress Greta Goldling 

Greta is exclusively represented by Global Film Sctors Agency.


Greta is an ambitious young actress who moved to the UK from her native Lithuania to pursue her career. 

This is what she states about her existential choice:

“It is really hard to remember the moment when I realized that I love acting and want to do it for a living because, for as long as I can remember, acting was always a part of my life. Thus, acting is part of me.”

In London, she studied film acting at the City Academy. 

Then, she assumed the role of Pisces in the film Leaper directed by Ryan John. This role required her to train in stage combat, pistol handling and cutlass.

At the end of 2018 she was chosen between 4,000 young actors and she was proposed a contract with our Agency: she decided to have an exclusive contract and today  Greta Goldling is exclusively represented by the Global Film Actors Agency.

In 2019 Greta successfully completed the International Film Workshops with director Bruno Pischiutta and was cast by Bruno for the part of Phila – a young girl facing her first life experiences – in the feature film The Bad Joke.

Bruno Pischiutta said:

“Greta Goldling is a very pretty girl who is highly intelligent and very mature for her young age. She possesses a love for acting in film and for being the center of attention.

These are only some of the reasons why I decided to award her an exclusive contract with our talent agency, to train her in my International Film Workshops through a series of sessions via Skype, to be her mentor, and to consider her for a principal part in my next feature film The Bad Joke.

The decisive reasoning that made me give her what several young actors were looking for is that, after auditioning her on Skype and talking to her a few times on the phone, I discovered that a hidden and very strong determination to succeed is an intrinsic part of every one of Greta’s plans and actions.

She spends only a small part of the year with her family in Lithuania; most of the time she stays in London to learn film acting and the related arts. Her iron determination inspires her actions and this will bring her very far in the international film industry, probably as far as she wishes to go.”

In 2019 she assumed the art-name Greta Goldling, she became a member of the Private Social Network of Global Film Studio, and she got her own account on the IMDB, and a five-page article in Daria! magazine as a Rising Star.

In 2020 Greta Goldling was very active, achieved five big results and reached international fame.

1. She was chosen, between all the actors of Global Film Studio’s talent pool and all the contracted actors of the Agency, to be the only talent attached to the production of the feature documentary Retrospective. In the documentary, she will play herself in a purely intellectual role.

2. The Global Nonviolent Film Festival has chosen Greta as “The Face of The Festival 2020”,and she was featured on the Festival’s sensational poster. The poster’s worldwide promotion made her very well known everywhere: from Russia to Brazil, from South Africa to UK, and, of course, in the USA and in several European countries; she has already been noticed and widely liked.

3. Greta was featured on the cover of the 2020 issue of the prestigious Daria! magazine where she also had one page with few pictures.

4. Recently, Greta had one more important achievement: she will star in a very sensual rolein a new feature film of Global Film Studio. The film will be produced by Daria Trifu and it will be written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta, it is tentatively entitled Spa.

Spa is still in development. It is a fruit of fiction. It tells a story full of passion: the story of a young girl who passes from an interracial love relationship with a boy, to a lesbian affair with a more mature girl who is few years older than her. It is the story of a very sensual girl and of her relationships and their contradictions.

Spa is not a violent film, it has, however, a pushed sexual content that is definitely accentuating its dramatic ending.

5. She has the most required element to become a Star in the international film industry: she has the total backing of an international Film Studio. This is a proven fact; Global Film Studio is completely endorsing Greta. 

In a recent statement Daria Trifu, the president of Global Film Studio, declares: 

“Film director Bruno Pischiutta, everybody who counts at our Studio, and I totally believe in Greta’s qualities and appreciate her loyalty. In our Company’s upcoming films and TV Series, there will always be plenty of roles for Greta Goldling.”

The next films in which Greta will appear will probably be produced by the Production Division of Global Film Studio and distributed by Global Cinema Online, the new worldwide distribution arm of Global Film Studio that will start operating next year in competition with Netflix.

Greta is featured on the Official Poster of the 2020 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival:

Greta's Page on this Network: HERE

Greta's Page on the Agency's Site: HERE


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Introducing Actress Eva Voq who is exclusively represented by the Global Film Actors Agency.

Eva Voq has worked as a model and actress in film and TV in her native Estonia as well as in Turkey, Netherlands, Russia and Spain. She is exclusively represented by Global Film Actors Agency.

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