Meet Actress Lindsey Beier

Lindsey is represented by the Global Film Actors Agency.

Lindsey Beier is an actress based in London. Lindsey originally lived in Ireland where, for many years, she frequented acting classes, did stage work and danced. Lindsey is very passionate about Performing Arts and from a young age she knew that this was the career path that she wanted to pursue.

When she was nine, she participated in stage plays with ‘The Dean Crowe Theatre’ in Athlone, Ireland. She attended workshops at The ‘Passionfruit Theatre’, did dance classes with a company called ‘Learn to Dance’ and entered the ‘All-Ireland Hip Hop Championships’ in Kildare, Ireland, and was awarded the second place. 
 When she was 12 Lindsey travelled to the UK to do work experience with the TV studios ‘ITV’ and worked behind the scenes on ‘The Trinny and Susannah show’. She also did TV work in the Irish TV Soap Opera ‘Fair City’.
When she was 16, she auditioned to participate in a dance group that would be going to Los Angeles to represent Ireland in the ‘World Championships of Performing Arts’. One of Lindsey’s goals was to someday travel to Los Angeles and was delighted, after a successful audition, to represent Ireland in the WCOPA. While in Los Angeles, she was awarded a dance scholarship after another successful audition with the dance studio ‘Millennium Dance Complex’, in Hollywood, CA. 
In 2010, Lindsey moved to England with her father and sister and she auditioned for a two years Performing Arts course for a BTEC Diploma at Abingdon and Witney College, Oxfordshire.

She was accepted and studied music, dance, drama and acting techniques including the Method of Stanislavski and the Alexander Technique. In the meantime, she also participated in stage productions including ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘A Chorus Line’.

During her first summer in the UK, Lindsey travelled back to Los Angeles to do her Scholarship. When she was there, she attended dance classes everyday at Millennium Dance Complex, a dance studio which performers included in the past Britney Spears, Usher and Janet Jackson. Lindsey’s scholarship was extended for a further year.
Lindsey graduated with a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts in 2012. She then participated in TV shows such as Lewis, Endeavour and worked on other projects such as music videos and film. In that year she participated in one to one acting classes with Actress ‘Laura Penneycard’. 
Lindsey participated in acting workshops based in both Ireland and England. In 2020, after a successful audition, she attended an acting course called ‘Acting for Screen’ with Middleweek Newton Academy.

Lindsey does part time modeling and is currently working on two Feature Films.  

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English speaking actors are welcome to apply to be represented by the Agency. There is no age limit. Interviews may be conducted via Skype.

Global Film Actors Agency may provide international launch to the actors.

The actors represented by the Agency are provided with either an exclusive or a non-exclusive contract. Global Film Actors Agency is unique in the world and it offers to new and emerging actors the best deal, the best assistance and the best possibilities. The Agency applies the Hollywood system of the Studios used in the 50s to create Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and many others.

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Actress Greta Goldling is represented by Global Film Actors Agency.Greta will be starring in the upcoming feature film SPA (working title) that is written and will be directed by Bruno Pischiutta. 


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