Bruno Pischiutta Extends SPA’s Screenplay to a Trilogy of Sequential Feature Films that Sets, With Powerful Artistic Force, the Cultural Climax of the Conflict Over Free Speech

British actress and dancer Stephanie Tripp will star in the trilogy written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta and produced by Daria Trifu.

May 4, 2022 – Hollywood, California – In the calm and relaxed atmosphere of a small cocktail party, director Bruno Pischiutta told members of his entourage and a few close friends that he has decided to expand the story of the film “Spa” into a trilogy consisting of feature films that follow a sequential storyline.

“I want to tell,” said Pischiutta, “one of the best stories Hollywood has ever brought to the screen, an extremely popular story that will also be emblematic of contemporary human relationships and will be a turning point, a milestone, in defining the cultural conflict over free speech. To achieve this, I need nearly five hours of screen time, because the standard length of a single film would be significantly limiting.” Pischiutta has been writing the script for more than a year, and expects to complete it by the end of the summer.

British actress and dancer Stephanie Tripp will star in the three films. The cast consists of approximately 50 international English-speaking actors, most of whom are members of Global Film Studio’s talent agency, the Global Film Actors Agency.

In an earlier statement by Pischiutta on the topicality of the subject, the author said, “Love and sexual relationships are more complicated today than ever before. They are often interracial, and sometimes involve LGBT characters in a kaleidoscope of different nationalities, traditions, and ways. Love relationships are not caused and motivated by logic but by passion, and the power of passion gives them life and governs them in a constant fluctuating variation that is always interesting and often surprising.”

The film will be distributed worldwide by, Global Film Studio’s paid streaming service for non-violent films. The streaming channel expects one to two million viewers to watch the film in its first weekend of release.


Bruno Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian filmmakers of his generation, and the only one who lives and works in America for forty years. During his film career, he created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and won important awards in several countries. In China, he wrote and developed the feature film “The Sepia Portrait”, and in Ghana he completed the feature film “Punctured Hope” that the Hollywood Political Film Society submitted for nomination at the 2010 Academy Awards®:

Stephanie Tripp is a British actress and dancer. She studied at South West Academy of Dramatic Arts, and is currently based out of London. Her IMDB page credits the actress in over 20 films and TV series, and it shows that she is currently attached to six upcoming projects. Tripp will be the star in Bruno Pischiutta’s upcoming trilogy of sequential feature films: Profile

Global Film Studio Inc. is a privately held Canadian media company. Its operations focus on film production and distribution, talent management, film festival organization and publishing. Global Film Studio has six divisions including the Global Nonviolent Film Festival (founded in 2012), Global Film Actors Agency (founded in 2012) and Global Cinema Online (founded in April 2021): 

Global Film Actors Agency is unique in the world. The agency applies the Hollywood studio system used in the 1950s to create stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and many others:




Meet Actress Stella Hinsen


Stella is exclusively represented by the Global Film Actors Agency. Stella will be starring in the first film of the trilogy, with Stephanie Tripp and Camilla Roman, and in the third film of the trilogy with Stephanie Tripp and Hannah Giske.

Stella Hinsen loves being in front of the camera, has an unlimited passion for acting, and is determined to become a movie star.

After contacting director Bruno Pischiutta by e-mail, she convinced him to help her realize her dream for as long as it takes in order to achieve international success.

In 2022, Stella graduated from the International Film Workshops; soon thereafter, she signed an exclusive representation contract with Global Film Actors Agency. She is already working on her big screen debut: Stella Hinsen will appear in the upcoming feature film, tentatively titled SPA, which will be produced by Global Film Studio.

The Workshops with Stella were conducted virtually over the course of several months. In this time, she accumulated the knowledge necessary for any professional film actor, demonstrated that she can diligently follow directions and that she is a capable and reliable actress ready to exceed expectations.

In her own words, here is how Stella describes herself, “I am easy to communicate with, and I understand very well what I need to do to achieve my dreams. My desire to become an actress was born years ago and I have since promised myself that, one day, I would become a movie star.”

“It is a real pleasure to mentor Stella,” says Bruno Pischiutta. “Very mature and extremely intelligent, she loves performing and she possesses rare qualities that allow her to play exceptionally well, as she showed me during the Workshops, in various roles with a wide range of possibilities. She can be believable in the part of a young victim who elicits pity, and in darker, more diverse roles. Stella is a special actress, and has many talents and inclinations that can undoubtedly lead her to the stardom she so desires”.

Stella's Agency Profile: HERE

Stella's Network Profile: HERE



Preparation for the three films that make up the trilogy continues in Greece. Although no production contract has been signed these are the actors being considered for casting at this point.


Stephanie Tripp
Stella Hinsen
Camilla Roman
Angytta Cherrier
Christie Norton
Franco Fiorellino
Kelly Dalston
Wayne E. Brown


Stephanie Tripp
Greta Goldling
Miss Seven
Daria Trifu
Joe Legend
Stavros Parharidis
Jack Roper
Shaquille Mathurin
Martin Valentine
Cheryl BryantBruce
Martin Nadin


Stephanie Tripp
Stella Hinsen
Hannah Giske


More actors will be needed because many of the roles are not yet filled. Music will be provided by Maestro Jay Jourden and set design will be by Davide de Stefano. The three films will be produced by Daria Trifu and directed by Bruno Pischiutta.



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Actress Greta Goldling is represented by Global Film Actors Agency.Greta will be starring in the upcoming feature film SPA (working title) that is written and will be directed by Bruno Pischiutta. 


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